How to Pay Less Personal or Corporate Taxes in Italy

It is not necessary to use an offshore company located in a tax haven or in a low-tax country to pay less tax. Nor it is advisable to convey your income or assets through a shell company and / or an offshore company, thus risking the verge of illegality and have substantial bureaucratic obstacles to reduce […]

Methods and techniques of money laundering

metodi evasione fiscale

Which are the methods and techniques used by criminal organizations to launder the”Dirty money”, ie dirty money derived from illegal activities?   Smurfing   Smurfing is one of the techniques of recycling easier.   It requires a team of collaborators who make a multitude of payments in different periods of time and through different banks. […]

Incentives to return to Italy for workers and students living abroad

The Italian legislator, in order to enhance the human experience, cultural and professional acquired abroad, provided a series of tax incentives for workers, students, professionals and entrepreneurs living abroad (incentives to counteract the so-called brain drain). In particular, these tax benefits are provided in the event of a return to Italy of: – European Union […]

Relocation abroad and treaty shopping: criminal aspects

Criminal aspects of the “relocation abroad” The “relocation abroad” is the phenomenon which consists to make it look like a national company (s’ means a company which is resident in Italy, by virtue of the existence of at least one of the connecting factors identified by the legislature tax) as a resident in one of the countries […]